Journée "portes ouvertes" au centre monastique

Chers amis dans le Dharma, contrairement à ce qui a été publié par Vosges Matin, notre journée portes ouvertes n'a pas lieu samedi 14 juin, mais bien samedi 21 juin conformément à notre calendrier. Venez nombreux et n'hésitez pas à apporter des gâteaux si vous le souhaitez.

Lhalung Sungtrul Rinpoché les12 et 13 avril à Strasbourg

Lahlung Sungtrul Rinpoche

Lahlung Sungtrul Rinpoche est la 11e incarnation en ligne directe du grand Tertön (découvreur de trésors) Pèma Lingpa.

La tradition religieuse de Pèma Lingpa a été diffusée jusqu’à nos jours
par trois lignées d’incarnation, représentant son esprit (Touksé), sa
parole (Sungtrul) et son corps (Gangteng). Le Sungtrul est considéré
comme l’incarnation directe de Pèma Lingpa.

Pour en savoir plus, cliquez sur le lien suivant : Annonce venue Sungtrul Rinpoché Strasbourg avril 2014.pdf

Akong Rinpoche

Portrait de Akong Rinpoché

I am shocked and shattered to know that Choje Akong Tulku Rinpoche has passed away at the hands of murderers in Chengdu on 8th of October along with his nephew and driver. I feel so helpless and lonely without his strong and courageous presence.

News from Rigul, Tibet.

Francois sends a photo of himself and some of the children

Francois has arrived safe an sound in Rigul, Tibet. Here he sends a photo of himself and some of the children taken on his safe arrival on Monday 14th October.

Francois has also forwarded this message from Khenpo Senge about the Rigul children:

The Gyalwang Karmapa’s Condolences at the Tragic Passing Away of Dr. Choje Akong Tulku Rinpoche.

portrait de Akong Rinpoche

8th Oct, 2013 New Delhi.

Akong Tulku had been my friend from the time I was seven. A social activist, he showed great kindness to Tibet by founding schools and hospitals, printing old texts, and helping many people.

Remembering Tenga Rinpoche

Tenga Rinpoché en Tukdam (profond samadhi)



Lama Chenno!

Happy New Year (vows by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche)

The year Two Thousand and Twelve has arrived.
Some say this is the end of the world.
Others predict it will be the beginning of a new awareness.
We have just lived through a challenging and eventful year
And it certainly will be another year with lots happening.
But what is the use worrying about the future?

Ringu Rinpoche's poem

photo de Ringou Rinpoché qui salue de la main

Your loving messages on my birthday
Moved me and encouraged me.
Although a host of great masters taught me
And showered their blessings on me
I remained an idiot just because of my laziness.

Informations about the summer camp 2011

During the summercamp, Rinpoche will test a new Bodhicharya online Shedra. The interested students are invited to bring their laptops.

A Personal Message from Ringu Tulku

I would like to personally invite all my students all over the world to the Bodhicharya Summer Camp in France (July 30 to August 5). I encourage all to come and join us if possible.

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